Parent Cooperative

Tellus Montessori Preschool is run as a parent cooperative in the form of an economic association where all parents are members. At an annual meeting at the beginning of the calendar year, a board is elected from among the parents. All parents have the opportunity to influence. The right to decide is delegated to the board and it has in turn delegated the responsibility for the pedagogical activities to the preschool rector. The board is responsible for the municipality and also the employer for the staff.

The Board of Directors consists of the following roles: Chairman, Budget responsible, Secretary, Waiting list and family responsible, Staff responsible, Web administrator and Projects responsible.

Parents Involvement

At Tellus, parents are expected to be active in an activity group and in the board. Neither temporary staff work nor cleaning work is relevant for the parents in the cooperative! A parent must be on the board sometime before the child reaches the age of 5. The board assignments are for a period of 2 years. For maintenance and to some extent the maintenance of the environment at the preschool, the parents are divided into activity groups. We have a fixing day once per semester and these are mandatory, one parent per family.

Monthly Fee

The school is financed with municipal grants and monthly fees, which follow the municipality maximum rate. Monthly fees are calculated as a percentage of the family's total income before tax according to the following rules:

  • Above a certain level of income defined by the city of Lund, the maximum rate is applied; at lower income the amount is calculated individually based on the income.
  • The youngest child is always the first child.
  • All children "celebrate their birthdays" in September, i.e. for the children who turn 3 during the year, the monthly fee is lower from September (ie monthly fee for 1-2 years until August and monthly fee for 3-5 years from September).
  • New children pay half the fee the first month.
  • The month of July is free of charge.

Upon entry into the cooperative, a one-time fee of SEK 200 per family is paid in the form of a membership fee. The membership fee is refunded when the family's last child leaves the preschool.

If you have any questions about our organization, please take contact with the chair person.