Do you have comments, complaints or praise?

For us at Tellus, it is important that you are satisfied throughout your child stay with us. We have clear procedures that we follow to be able to do our work in the best possible way.

Despite this, a situation may arise for which you would like to file a complaint. We therefore have a routine in place to handle your complaints. It is based on the fact that it should be clear to you where you can turn with your complaints and that they should be addressed promptly. It should also be clear how you can proceed with your complaints if you are not satisfied with how they are treated.

Your opinion is valuable in order to improve our ways of working.

First, take contact with the preschool

If your child or yourself have difficulties or if you have other views on our activities, the first thing to do is to contact the person responsible at the school. If you have any comments, you primarily turn to the teachers, educators or other relevant staff. Secondly, you should turn to the rector.

Then with the Board


If you are not satisfied after talking to the staff, you can write down your comments and submit them to our board. You can directly contact us. You can also call, send letters or send your comments via e-mail to the board's chair person.

You can anonymously leave a letter in our mailbox that is located near the glass door at Solen. But if you want an email reply, sending an email will suffice.