Our Own Kitchen

Since 2003, Tellus Montessori preschool has had its own well-equipped kitchen with an employed chef who cooks all food. All food is prepared from scratch so that the absolute highest quality of the food is the best. The focus is on classic home cooking mixed with influences from around the world. The food must be good and nutritious, beautiful and appealing to look at. We only use Swedish meat, and as far as possible, organic vegetables and fruit. We strive to give children a sugar-free preschool.

We Invest in Good Food

Our ambition is for all our children at Tellus to feel real food joy. The meals, lunches and “mellis” should give all children, regardless of background, the opportunity for good eating habits. This is also an important part of our chef Philips work for equal health and the view of food.

Our meals at Tellus are covered by the preschool`s governing document, the Education Act and the curriculum, as well as the National Food Administration`s guidelines for meals in the preschool.

Philip works hard to attract all the senses through the food. We think it is good that even the youngest children can put their food on the plate and eat themselves as early as possible, this strengthens the child`s confidence in his own ability. There is also an opportunity for the children to be involved and help when given the opportunity, for example peeling the carrot, slice their own fruit, etc.

The Meals

All children are invited every day to lunch and “mellis” as well as varied organic fruit on Am and Pm. Twice a week vegetarian dishes are served, fish every 14 days and milk/water for all meals. Alternative meals are offered to those children who have some form of allergy. A written certificate of which foods may not be eaten must be submitted by the guardian.

When the children have their birthday, we celebrate this with the child together with Philip choosing a dish, here the child is given an opportunity for influence and participation in their own everyday life and learning.

We strive to give the children a sugar-free preschool and therefore we only have sugar in connection with the birthday, as we offer a small ice cream/fruit platter.

Philip is good at paying attention to traditions (Easter, Midsummer, Christmas, etc.), often it is then a buffet at the children`s height so that the children themselves walk around and pick.

Updated 220121